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    Engineering Case


    Orient designed and manufactured the steel tube umbilical thatcan satisfy 1500 meters water depth application and suitable for
    South China Sea environmental conditions. The umbilical can alsomeet the following requirements:

    The umbilical includes three 4-pin 6mm, voltage 600V power cable;6 12.7mm ID stainless steel pipe, pressure rating 345Bar; fiber optic cables: 6 optical fiber; optical wavelength 1310nm; ambienttemperature: -15~ +40; design life : 20 years.

    Through optimize umbilical cross-section design, Orient propose innovative, non-compacted type umbilical crosssection structure. Which can ensure the radial stiffness, at the same time reduce the friction and bending stress of the tube. At last, solve the fatigue problem.

    We use the high performance Materials, such as Kevlar hose and Superduplex stainless steel tube to response the challenges.

    We have World-class highly automated facility, which can minimize accumulated plastic strain during production process.

    Design process of umbilical

    All the Orient umbilical are customization designed. Our
    main reference standard are: ISO13628-5; API-17E
    DNV-OS-F101, DNV-OS-F201, DNV-OSS-302, DNVRP-